Quick Start

Connecting to Zircuit Testnet

There are only a few simple steps to get started with Zircuit Testnet:

  1. Get Testnet ETH

  2. Add Zircuit Testnet to Your Wallet

  3. Deposit ETH from Sepolia to Zircuit (L1 -> L2)

Get Testnet ETH

First, you'll need an Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask (recommended). Zircuit Testnet uses Sepolia ETH -- If you don't already have some in your wallet, you'll need to acquire some from the Sepolia Faucet, a helpful friend, or another source. Some third-party faucet options include:

Add Zircuit Testnet to Your Wallet

To start using Zircuit, you need to add the chain's RPC endpoint to your wallet. The following instructions are for MetaMask but should apply generally to any wallet. Click on the MetaMask extension on your browser, click MetaMask's network selector dropdown, and then click the Add Network button at the bottom. Click Add a network manually and provide the following information for Zircuit Testnet:

- Network Name: `Zircuit Testnet`
- New RPC URL: `https://zircuit1.p2pify.com/`
- Chain ID: `48899`
- Currency Symbol: `ETH`
- Block Explorer URL: `https://explorer.zircuit.com`

Deposit ETH from Sepolia to Zircuit (L1 -> L2)

After you’ve added Zircuit to your wallet, you can bridge your Sepolia ETH to Zircuit Testnet via the Zircuit Bridge. To do so, simply:

  1. Connect your wallet on https://bridge.zircuit.com/

  2. Make sure you're connected to Sepolia

  3. Enter how much Sepolia ETH you would like to bridge to Zircuit Testnet

  4. Click Bridge

  5. Review the transaction and click Approve transaction in your wallet

  6. Click Confirm in the MetaMask popup

  7. After a few seconds, your transaction should be confirmed, and you should see the updated balance

Congrats, you've successfully bridged to Zircuit Testnet!

Staking with Zircuit

For info on the Zircuit staking contract, please refer to https://stake.zircuit.com/faq.

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