Bridging From Zircuit To Sepolia

To start, select the Zircuit testnet as your network using the selector menu in the top left of Metamask and ensure your desired account is connected to the Zircuit Bridge. You will see that you are bridging from Zircuit (left) to Sepolia (right). You will also see your available balance on the right side above the input field.

Input the amount you wish to bridge, and click the “Bridge” button at the bottom. This will open a window where you can review the transaction you are about to complete. You will also see a brief explanation that bridging from Zircuit to Sepolia is a two step process. The first step is the bridge (what we are doing now). The second step is a transaction on L1 (Sepolia) where we prove and relay to receive the bridged funds. Once reviewed, click the “Approve transaction in your wallet” button.

Clicking the “Approve transaction in your wallet” button will open Metamask and direct you to review and confirm the transaction. Clicking the “Confirm” button in Metamask will initiate the bridging transaction, withdrawing your Zircuit Testnet ETH so you can claim it on Sepolia.

The Zircuit Testnet rollup process can take up to 6 hours. It is after the rollup process that you will be able to complete the second half of the transaction, where you claim the funds on L1 (Sepolia).

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