Completing Withdrawals From Zircuit

Withdrawals using any canonical bridge require a sequence of steps to complete on L1.

To start, you will need to locate your transaction details. To do this, open Metamask and navigate to the “Activity” tab on the right side. You will see your transaction below.

Click on your transaction to see more details. At the top of the transaction details you will see two linked options. “View on block explorer” and “Copy transaction ID”. Click on the “View on block explorer” option to be taken to Alternatively you can copy the transaction ID and search it on for the same results.

The next actions will need to be performed on the Sepolia network, so navigate to the network selector menu in the top left of Metamask and select Sepolia. If the rollup process is finished, you will see a green “Connect to web3” button below your transaction hash on

Click to connect your wallet, and the button will change to say “Ready to prove”. The first of two transactions to be performed on the Sepolia network to claim your funds.

Click the “Ready to prove” button and confirm the transaction within Metamask. This initiates the process of withdrawing your funds from the bridge. It will take a moment to complete while the transaction is confirmed, and once completed the button will again change and say “Ready to relay”.

Performing the “Ready to relay” transaction is the final step. Click the button, and confirm the transaction that appears within Metamask. This transaction will also take some time to complete, and once finished you will see a notification at the top of the screen saying “Relaying successful”. Congratulations! You have completed bridging back to Layer 1 (Sepolia).

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