Sequencer Level Security

Zircuit will protect users at the sequencer level by monitoring the mempool for malicious transactions and preventing their inclusion into a block. In comparison to typical security efforts that focus on the application and smart contract levels, Zircuit’s revolutionary approach goes directly to the underlying sequencer level.

This approach is called "Sequencer Level Security" (SLS) and adds an extra layer of security to the Zircuit network. This novel approach means that our sequencer scrutinizes transactions for potential malicious intent before they are finalized on layer 2. By enabling early detection and quarantine of suspicious transactions, the SLS protocol enhances the security of smart contracts and the layer 2 without necessitating the contentious measures of hard forks or block reversion.

Technical details can be found in our pre-print:

You can also learn more by watching some of our talks on the topic:

  • our talk at ETH Denver 2024,

  • our talk at Ethereum Zurich 2024.

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